• Aerotune
  • Aerotest

    • Get faster in one day!
    • Test your aerodynamic (CdA- and Crr-Value) by yourself
    • All you need is a power meter, gps-tracker and optionally a speed sensor
    • Do it fully automated with our Garmin app (Aeroapp)

    It’s time to become even faster on your bike. Use our high-end aerodynamic outdoor test with all GPS-trackers and power meters to measure and optimize your CdA- and Crr-Values. Use our apps (Aeroapp) for full automated testing and guiding. Visualize, analyze and share all the data with our online platform (Aerodata) to become more aerodynamic. It tracks and sums up all your test data, offers you a wide range of evaluation and display options, a competition time forecast tool, social features and much more.

    So why testing?

    No training, no nutrition strategies or anything else makes you so much faster in one day than optimizing your aerodynamics. Our outdoor aerodynamic testing system allows you to specifically test and improve yourself.

    In the adjacent figure, it can be clearly seen that aerodynamics has a significantly higher influence than power and weight. You can receive this advantage in only one day. The power and weight usually require a lot more effort.

    Time Advantage on Challenge Roth

    Aero is everything!


    You need a...

    Power meter


    Speed sensor with magnet (no hub)

    1000 m route


    At the test route you have to calibrate the sensors.

    For preperation at home use our Guide


    You are riding two identical tests for validation of one setup the chart and text describes:

    Aerotest ablauf

    1) Accelerating to your planned power performance (watts).

    2) Start point: Start your device.

    3) Outbound trip: Ride with constant power and seating position for 1 kilometer in one direction.

    4) End of outbound trip: Remember the position, it will be the start point for your inbound trip.

    5) Turn around.

    6) Accelerate to the same power performance as before.

    7) Inbound trip: Ride with constant power and seating position.

    8) End of inbound trip: Stop the time.

    9) Roll out: You’re done or ready for the next test.

    Garmin Connect IQ App (Aeroapp)

    Discover the future of testing with the aeroAPP for Garmin Connect IQ. Our app guides you through the entire testing process, sends the data directly to the server, and displays the CdA value immediately on your Garmin device. Fully automated, lightning-fast, and incredibly efficient. All you need is the aeroAPP and a smartphone with an internet connection. Save time and boost your performance – it’s time to get faster!


    Our system for you includes...

    Self doing aerodynamic testing of CdA-Value and Crr-Value

    Fully automated with the Aeroapp

    Wind gust detection

    Wind calculation

    Outlier detection

    Calculation of measurement error

    Automatic detection of inbound and outbound ride and multiply setups

    Blind testing system (No chance to change the CdA)

    Using of modern machine learning algorithms

    … and much more

    In the following diagram you can see the effect of selected aerodynamic optimizing

    Aerotest ablauf

    Get faster with planed testing

    The simplest aerodynamic optimization can be achieved by appropriate equipment. If you exchange your normal water bottles in the frame with aerodynamic bottles, there will be a high probability this will already make you faster. You can save a lot of time by using the right helmet, a corresponding one piece suit, aerodynamic wheels, good head, body, and hand positions and so much more. The possibilities are unlimited. Let yourself be inspired by the short video to start your first aerodynamic testing approach. Take the chance and easily become faster in cycling.

    Our videos

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    Aerotest Guide

    Your test guide for testing with our Garmin Aeroapp- from downloading the app to post-processing.

    Aerotest Guide without aeroAPP

    Use this guide to carry out Aerotests manually in a structured way - without using the Aeroapp.

    Test protocol

    Your test guide for testing with our Garmin Aeroapp- from downloading the app to post-processing.

    Test recommendations

    Your test guide for testing with our Garmin Aeroapp- from downloading the app to post-processing.