Our services for faster cycling

Aerotest: Your aerdodynamic field test

  • Get faster in one day!
  • Test your aerodynamic (CdA- and Crr-Value) by yourself
  • All you need is a power meter, gps-tracker and optionally a speed sensor
  • Do it fully automated with our Garmin app (aeroAPP)

It’s time to become even faster on your bike. Use our high-end aerodynamic outdoor test with all GPS-trackers and power meters to measure and optimize your CdA- and Crr-Values. Use our apps (aeroAPP) for full automated testing and guiding. Visualize, analysize and share all the data with our online platform (aeroDATA) to become more aerodynamic. It tracks and sums up all your test data, offers you a wide range of evaluation and display options, a competition time forecast tool, social features and much more.

So why testing?

No training, no nutrition, nothing makes you so much faster in one day than optimizing your aerodynamics. Our outdoor aerodynamic testing system allows you to specifically test and improve yourself.

In the adjacent figure, it can be clearly seen that aerodynamics has a significantly higher influence than power and weight. It should be remembered that this advantage can be gotten in just one day. The power and weight usually require assembly.

Get faster with aerodynamics

Powertest: Metabolic diagnostic at home

Take the guessing out of your training. The powertest tells you way more than your threshold – it tells you how it is composed:

VO2max and VLamax.

These parameters define who your are! Additionally you get your threshold, FATmax, energy consumption, ... and it tells you which training works best for you and how much you should do… but that is only the beginning. To beginn: you only need a power meter or an indoor trainer with power measurement.

So why testing?

Nothing is more frustrating than training a lot and not achieving your goals. You can only set up a perfect training plan with the right physiological numbers. With the powertest you have the easiest tool to do that. With the knowledge of your numbers and continuous powertesting you can optimize your training and boost your performance instead of guessing which training might fit. This is more precise than following a classical threshold or VO2max training. Look at the chart to see average possibilities over a year of training:

Get faster with your metabolic profile

Simulation: Your race simulations

Our Simulation tools offer you a great range to take a vew on the influence of different factors on a defined course or race. The default view of our simulation shows you what change Power, CdA or Weight can have on the final time of a race. You can choose from one of the already available courses in our database or to upload one you have as a GPX file. In the biometric view of aeroCAST you additionally have the chance to simulate Power, CdA and Weight changes in regards to your stored energy level and your capacity to intake carbohydrates.

In the diagram you see a race simulation of the Challenge Roth with a power of 250 W. Start testing and transform you into a rocket!

Get faster with simulations